Glitchy/ buggy touch on Roon Remote iPad - still!

I was so excited to hear about Roon 2.0/ Arc clearly a lot of engineering effort gone into that

So now it seems you have two ios apps top support, Remote and ARC. I am sure there is some logic there, but can we ever expect you to address the ‘ridiculous’ glitchy behaviour that has existed in iPade Remote app for more than a year.

Please please turn down the left/right touch sensitivity parameters - it is not just me, there are complaints everywhere.

In all other respects you make the finest software with the most simple elegant user experience. You brought a tangible aesthetic interface to the world of digital audio. But please, listen to some, no scrub that. Just use an iPad with your own product, scroll an artists bio page and tell me there is no issue.

Any movement left or right (which will often happen) causes something akin to a scrolling seizure. Really

Anyway, ARC in the car is briliant- in the armchair, thats another (old) story…

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