Glitchy Chromebook Touchscreen/Trackpad Interface [Chromebooks not supported]

I use Roon on Android, iPad, Mac OS and Chromebook. The only touchscreen I have any issues with is the Chromebook, and Roon is the ONLY app I have any problems with at all. Essentially, there seems to be an issue with sensitivity settings with the interface.
Sometimes I have to touch the screen in a new location after scrolling to affect the screen, sometimes stopping scrolling will select the item I am over. This is clearly not an issue with a specific Chromebook as I have tested this on four different machines with identical results. I do find it curious that this annoyance has persisted so long, and it makes me wonder if other Chromebook users are just tolerating this as well. I get that many look down on Chromebooks as a lesser interface, but there is NO reason why this touchscreen interface should not work as well as my iPad does. This one’s on Roon…

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I will add that this is not specific to touch, either. Using the trackpad on a Pixel Slate keyboard, it will sometimes stop scrolling until you let up, move the mouse to another area and then start the scroll gesture again.

Yes! Trackpads. Sorry I wrote that nonsense on far too little sleep. Glad somebody knows what I mean. Either way…it’s inexcusable and needs to be fixed.

It’s an unsupported platform for Roon so dont hold your breath. For what its worth I have used Roon on a Chromebook at times and had no issues apart from it being a bit sluggish but thats most likely the Chromebook hardware.

FWIW I’ve encountered no sluggishness since getting my NUC 8i5 Rock running. I detect no hardware issues at all. This is on Roon.

When posting about this on the “Support” list, comment is immediately ‘unlisted’. I guess that’s my answer for how much they care about the Chromebook. hah!

Here’s the answer I posted in your other thread (which was unlisted because it’s a duplicate of this one). @Tim_Rhodes is correct, Chromebooks are not supported.

Thanks. More of a ‘reason’ than an answer, but it is what it is. Sorry for the multiple postings.

I have a new Samsung Chromebook and the Roon Remote app has been a disappointment. Please support it.

Seriously doubt that will happen anytime soon unfortunately.

Does not seem like it would take much to iron out the sensitive trackpad issues. My money’s on some cultural snobbery toward Chromebooks.

It appears that some apps state that they are not supported on Intel-based Android platforms (as this Samsung Chromebook is). I’ve worked in the software industry and realize that there is a cost to support a platform, but this is not an esoteric device. I believe that they are more and more popular…it would greatly improve the usability for Roon to look into and fix the user interface performance.

I’m seeing this across all Chromebooks not just the intel-based Samsung that I have. I haven’t had a problem with any Android devices. The only real problem I’ve noticed is really from the track pads; scrolling, selection and release. It’s not unbearable, I can work around it, but when I go from using my MacBook Pro to a Chromebook it can be pretty frustrating. I can see no reason why this would not be a simple fix for a qualified software engineer. I’ve come to believe that in roon culture the Chromebook is looked on as pretty low class.

I’d also love to see support. Although coming from both Windows and Mac laptops, I opted for a Spin 713 when looking at a new laptop as it offered ChromeOS/Android and Linux support, and was more than capable of handling development or remote logging into Windows or Mac when I needed to. Wine is even an option for Windows support. This has quickly moved to my most used computer, but Roon won’t even start half the time.

I guess we’re still in the same situation. I don’t need ARC on a Chromebook. I just need a full sized Roon Remote GUI that I can get without going to my desktop PC. I really don’t want to buy an iPad or a Windows laptop just for Roon Remote.

I can make it work on my Chromebook for those special situations, like when I need to tweak EQ settings in the basement listening zone. I just have to remember never to attempt to scroll using the touchpad. But I know if I handed it over to my wife, the Chromebook would be going through the wall.

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It seems ridiculous to me that they still have yet to address this annoying glitch. The “Chromebook not supported” Dodge is just laughable really. Chromebook touch screen works just fine. Why the trackpad needs to be so glitchy when using the user interface in Roon… who knows… I’ll bet money It’s a simple fix that they neglect to address simply out of snobbery against the platform.

Still banging the drum about Chromebook support. Why would they spend any time on issues related to unsupported hardware ? Perhaps if Chromebooks gained more market share (outside of educational use) then Roon might consider adding this platform to the supported list.

Right now, any time devoted to a niche product like Chromebooks will take away resources from other development.

Chromebooks may not be perfect for use as a Roon Remote, but they still get the job done. At least mine does. I can live with the shortcomings, and if I want a better experience I’ll get a Mac.


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