Glitchy, "Phantom" Playback via ROON and NAD 658

Roon Server Machine

iMac running Monterey 12.7.2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet wired from home Comcast router to NAD C658

Connected Audio Devices

Inputs in NAD preamp: Phono, CD, BluOS (gateway to ROON/Tidal)

Number of Tracks in Library

Small hard drive library of less than 1,000 tracks. Mostly I use my Tidal/Roon library. Playback glitch has affected both files and streaming.

Description of Issue

This is a version of what I’ve sent to NAD and my dealer seeking help:

I’m writing about a super frustrating problem with my new NAD C658, which I love in every respect except this. About four months after purchase and flawless performance, I started experiencing a persistent, random glitch with playback using Roon.

Whether from my Roon core desktop or a mobile device control, about a quarter of the time, pressing play on a track results in no sound coming from the speakers, even as the track and its progress bar are displayed correctly on all screens. It thinks it’s playing, but there’s silence.

Workaround #1 has been tapping other tracks on the album in question until one sort of jump starts the playback (again quite random) and usually then I can then return to track 1 and it will play back through the album without incident. But sometimes it WILL balk on the next track, again acting like it’s playing but with no sound. I work in radio and music journalism and I have to play numerous tracks in no particular order from a variety of albums in concentrated sessions, and at times, it’s so sticky that I have to give up.

Workaround #2 is to play directly from Tidal or BluOS, where PLAY works 100%, but both have significant compromises that are too complex to go into. Point is, I made this purchase specifically seeking a Roon Ready streaming amp. So with this so inconsistent and vexing, it’s quite the Achilles heel. I need some troubleshooting help to isolate the source of the glitch. Thank you. Craig in Nashville TN.

@Craig_Havighurst, are both your NAD and your iMac connected to your Comcast router via Ethernet cables?

Yes, both connected via Ethernet, though my iMac tends to have WiFi turned on, for whatever reason.

Try turning off WiFi on the iMac, it may be interferring with the Ethernet connection.

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I’ve given this a try with a restart and so far so good. I’ve had a number of temporary successes though working this problem, so I’ll report after a few days of operation. Thanks.

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