Glitchy touch interface / ipad app

Wanted to ask yet again about this issue. Its 2023, lets kick this off again, dont have much hope but this is couple of year old issue now . When will the ipad app glitch issues be sorted out - it is so annoying.

Do you acknowledge it? I dont see how it can be seen as anything other than a major bug. Take an ipad, fire up your app, go to an artists bio, put your finger on the text like you wish to scroll it. Move finger up and down (perfectly) vertically, the text scrolls great. However if you have ‘any’ sideways motion, ie you are a degree or two off of a purely vertical movement, the text jumps and glitches. In fact you can just put your finger on text and simply move it left and right by about a couple of mm - any ipad, any software version. Please please fix your ios app. You have everything else great.How can you tolerate it? People do not read the bios i guess

The last time this was discussed, October last year you suggested there was development resources to look at this. It is such disjointed behaviour/ response to input i am sure it cant be that difficult to address to at least some degree. Disable L/R Scrolling would do it surely

Can you show what you’re seeing? I can’t replicate that.
However, theree has been lots of complaints over the “stuttering” scrolling behaviour with Albums view, say, and i definently see that (Worst behaviour of all of my apps, and they are plenty)

Apologies for the delay, I have been out of the country for a while.

Here is a quick vid capturing the glitches.

Basically ‘any’ sideways scrolling reorganises icons/ text in such a way that the text jumps around (and ultimately makes you feel pretty nauseous) . It is possible, but extremely difficult to perform vertical scrolling. If you are really careful with tiny vertical movements. As you can see, this type of thing drive will you nuts. The fact Roon is so good in most other ways and i still pay for it - makes it even more frustrating. How can you get a product/ service so right but not address bugs relating to the showcase front end of interfacing with it on a large touch screen. I cant comprehend Roons attitude to this. I have tried numerous software versions and also 3 different ipads - all behave similar. (Apparently there was a software version at one point that did make it a lot better but subsequent versions it returned)

This behaviour has been noted for over two years now - its not high priority it seems. Apparently Android tablets dont have this issue, so maybe just get one of those specifically to view Roon

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Not sure what setting you are using, but i have no sideways “scrolling” whatsoever, when on an album/artist view?

I even seem to remember this was a request to have better support for gestures, which i think have been implemented in some aspects.

Now i see, you are on the Now playing screen where “swiping” is implemented! Then i see a similar behaviour, but thats a non-issue to me.

Yes this is only when in the actual Biography pages. They are really well written and informative - if you can handle the nausea

Just to note this is also an issue on Mac computers. Everything is usually fine on my macbook if I scroll through the artist bio using keyup/down or double finger touchpad scroll. However, if I use a single finger on trackpad while over text and use the curser to ‘pull’ the text up or down I can soon duplicate the terrible text jumping up/down and also left/right.
Roon doesn’t seem to be able to cope with possible scrolling in both up/down and left/right directions. I’ve noticed that other programs seem to use the initial touch or trackpad movements to ‘lock’ the potential movement to one axis until touch is released. Maybe Roon could follow suit?

As it stands I’ve had to use the ‘customise’ cog on both my ipad and macbook to disable these screens, which is not ideal.

Just tried on a mac scrolling the bio. You are right. If i use two fingers (gesture) to scroll (which is only up down) no problem. If i use on a single press to then scroll up/down and left/right, Any left right movement glitches in exactly the same way as it does on an iPad.

Clearly its only to do with l/r scolling. Which is not needed anyway.

Roon - im far from calling myself a software developer but can you not disable or at least reduce sensitivity for l/r scrolling.

Failing that if you really too busy to look into it - maybe just acknowledge it? Too much to ask?

It’s a visible problem on iOS iPhone too. Judder is back!

I must say I’ve basically stopped coming here to report problems or much at all. Some get fixed, others like this get fixed sort of and then return, and yet others are simply ignored/non-priority. I’ll say it again but I believe the choice to use a cross compatible platform was the wrong way to go. None of them can ever be stellar as they are all inherently a compromise.

I’m thankful that my setup consistently plays music but the interface issues don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Lifer here going on 7 years I think.