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I have just bought a iPad pro to use with Roon. I notice that when i am browsing bio’s for example the touch interface is really buggy. If i use very small scrolls its fine but most of the time it jumps all over the place, seems really sensitive to left/right movements for example. Maybe its just my iPad but it does seem specific to the large texts in the bio pages

Very buggy for me

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Hey @Jonathan_Moore,

Thanks for getting in touch with your observations regarding your iPad behavior. We’ve been making improvements to scrolling on handheld remote devices in recent builds. What you’re describing could possibly be the touch sensitivity settings on the device.

You can find directions for making adjustments to those settings here. Give those a try and see if it helps. Thanks!

I dont believe so - these are very obvious glitches that are apparent with any small touch movement to the left or right. The smallest horizontal touch causes the screen to drastically jump left or right.Ive attached a link to a video which hopefully represents this. I dont experience such behaviour on any other ios apps i have installed.

Although It is mainly noticeable when scrolling on the text/ bio screen, it is avoidable if you are very careful with only vertical touch movements - but part of the justification in purchasing a large ipad was to enjoy all the beautiful metadata Roon supplies.

Here is a ink to a video of this behaviour Dropbox - IMG_0455.MOV - Simplify your life

I’m using Roon Rock on an i7 intel nuc, Build 970. The ipad is ios 15.1 ipad pro 12.9 5th generation .


Hi @jamie

I would still love to know your response to the behaviour described/ shown in this video.

Does Roon acknowledge this behaviour on iPad OS? It is seriously glitchy behaviour on my hardware


Hey @Jonathan_Moore,

Thank you for getting back in touch. It seems that Apple has gotten quite a few complaints about jumping horizontal scrolling on their support forums.

First, I’d install our latest update, Build 970, on that remote to see if there’s any improvement. If that doesn’t help please reach out to Apple Support to see if they have any recommendations. Our work on iOS scrolling is ongoing, but what you’ve shared in the video is different than the behavior other customers have described.

Thanks for your response but can you direct me to the apple support forum where people post similar compalints. I am using 970 build.

The new york times app for example is a huge spread of text where you can move text smoothly up down left and right. On the Room remote any left or right pushes the text drastically to the left or right plus up or down-In an extremely glitchy manner. Have you tried it? Do Roon staff use iPads? Do they find it acceptable? Have secret settings. Please do share?

No other app I use exhibits this behaviour.

Do you use an iPad with your product?? I would love to know

You mention many times that your work on iOS scrolling is ongoing - So this IS something you are actively aware off?

Hey @Jonathan_Moore,

Thanks for getting back in touch. I just googled iPad horizontal scrolling issues and found threads on their support forums. I’m happy to revisit your app concerns.

You wrote:

Please check to ensure the update was successful, your system diagnostics show that you’re on Build 952. In Roon on the iPad go to Settings>About>and check the build number for your iPad Remote

Yes, I tried it when I watched your video. Roon staff do use iPad remotes, they’re quite popular in fact. I don’t have any secret settings that I use - but would be happy to share if I did. I do tend to use portrait view more than landscape, but that’s just me.

Still yes, happy to help.

We’ve addressed reports of choppy scrolling on iOS and some Android devices. We don’t receive a lot of complaints about it when compared to our total customer base. But yes, customers here on Community have shared videos, such as yours, that demonstrate a need for us to take another look.

After I wrote to you last I shared your report with our product team and the matter is now with our QA department. They’re going to investigate further. Thank you again for the heads up. :pray:t2:

Hi Jamie,

The choppy scrolling behaviour was fixed (for the most part) some builds ago. However, reintroduced in builds which followed.

This implies that addressing the issue is far from a priority, which is unfair to us who have to tolerate the behaviour on out remotes.

Most of us have stopped complaining after a couple of years, admitted defeat and realised this will never be sorted.

Hey @RBO

I apologize if that was the impression you got from my statement. That wasn’t my intention at all, please see my quote below.

Regardless of the number of reports we’ve gotten compared to our overall customer base we do take them seriously and review the screen recordings customers share with us. I’ve just spoken with QA about @Jonathan_Moore’s video and I’m the process of submitting a ticket now. I’ll update this thread when I have more details. :v:t2:

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