Global Music Vault

Microsoft’s plan to preserve music for 10,000 years with glass (

It’s like the Global Seed Vault, but for music. Interesting quote:

“By Microsoft’s estimation, hard drives protect data for five years before they can go bad. Tape lasts about a decade, while CDs and DVDs can make it as long as 15 years before their contents are at risk of becoming illegible.”

Don’t rely too much on your physical media.

I wonder where they get the 15 year figure from for CDs and DVDs? I’ve been buying, and still have, CDs since 1982 and DVDs from about 1997. I don’t think I’ve had a CD fail, and only remember one DVD failing (the studio replaced it no charge). Then again, I probably take much better care of them than the average consumer. :wink:


I don’t remember a CD failing because of age either. They may be referring to writable CDs and DVDs though.


That seems more likely. I don’t have many CDRs, but have come across one or two older ones that are failing.

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I have two that have degraded. The original Joshua Tree (two copies, both with the same problem, and Van Morrison’s Enlightenment. Pin pricks on U2, and colour change on the other. I can live with a 0.002% [partial] failure rate. All backed up in the cloud.

Likewise I have a few CDs that no longer play and very glad I ripped them as FLAC.

I have had multiple failed DVDs and there was a bleed issue that caused this for many users where the cover print went through the layers