Global override. Prefer file metadata

I could not see this somewhere else so putting this forward.
I want to have Roon respect my (near perfect) metadata. Without this override I have to manually go through each of the 39200 music files and manually change their metadata source settings.

It seems to me that a switch that says prefer Roon or prefer Fileswould solve the problem.

I know that a lot of people just want Roon to do this for them but over 30% of the metadata Roon chooses is wrong or non-existent (at least then it USUALLY uses the file metadata). The most frustrating thing for me is when Roon ruins the carefully entered metadata for classical music collections such as the Complete Mozart or puts an artist of the same name against a local musician that I know but Roon’s metadata sources do not.

I include respecting the cover art in the form of front/cover/folder.jpg/png co-located in an album folder in my request for respecting the metadata

Have you tried:
Highlight the albums that you want, click edit, go to the Metadata preference tab and choose Roon or File.

Global settings for this stuff are coming.

But as @Rugby pointed out, you can select-all, batch-edit, prefer-local to accomplish nearly the same thing today.

Look forward to the global setting. I add music all the time and the global setting will mean that I can avoid extra steps in the process.