Global playlists not showing[Solved]

Why don’t my global playlists show up when I try to add a song from my library using the + button?

If you create a playlist in Roon and set it to be accessible by all profiles, you should be able to add to it from any playlist.

If the playlist is global because it was imported (either from M3U files stored locally, or imported from your TIDAL account), it won’t show up because it’s not currently possible to edit imported playlists in Roon.

If you want to edit an imported playlist in Roon, you can save a local copy.

Thanks, Mike. The playlist was imported from iTunes. How do I “save a local copy” so I can edit it?


Open details page of the iTunes playlist
Press the Pencil button (right corner)
In appeared pop-up press ‘Save A Local Copy’ button.