Global 'prefer file artwork' option

Hi. Loving the Roon experience. This one is just a thought… for consideration.

I seem to spend a lot of my time (as I stumble across something with really bad artwork it just slaps me in the face) going through Edit > Artwork > Prefer File > Save. It might be nice to either have a quickie version (long press on the artwork - popup ‘Revert for file artwork’) or a global option to allow me to force my choice of artwork across my entire collection.

This could perhaps have a ‘use Roon artwork if there is no artwork’ bit built into it too.

A minor point for sure, but a bit of an irritant when I have sourced correct original LP art (or sometimes scanned CD covers) and Rovi / allmusic is feeding some unofficial reissue artwork. Big issue with older classical and jazz recordings.

If I’m understanding you correctly, it’s already there:

Settings -> Library -> Import Settings -> Metadata preferences for albums -> Artwork

Personally, I like the “Prefer Best” option.

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That’s it - clearly I’m still getting to grips with the finer points here.


Not a problem. Roon has a lot of settings and features. I still come across useful things I hadn’t known about or had forgotten about. One of the great benefits of reading this forum.

Well, that settings option does not seem to work for me (Mac Mini OSX 10.12.3). I have it set to “Prefer File” but it ignores the setting. If the Roon image is larger, it will always choose that one.

I’m running Roon Server on Windows 10 with iPad Air as a control. Worked fine for me as @orgel described.

I also have the issue not to bring the folder’s artwork fille named folder.jpg to the album in roon. I don’t know why, but somehow roon mixed up 3 albums (each in one dedicated folder and with clear unique dedicated album titles) … now I manually separated the albums but artwork is still not in a proper stage. Also rescanning and set metadata preference to file, adding dedicated artwork inside each flac-file, cleans library etc. didn’t work as a solution by now.

To avoid any misunderstanding: roon is a great tool - I’m totally convinced the team will fit the bug (if it’s really a bug - or perhaps it’s me sitting in front of the screen and keyboard)