Global "radio" setting

Could you please put a global setting in some obvious place, like “settings>>general” that turns off “radio” by default? That way I could use the “start radio after…” button when I want to and have it revert back to off subsequently.

I christened my new Roon Ready Oppo UDP-205 with Angela Hewitt’s magnificent recording of Bach’s “Art of Fugue”. It concludes with the last chorale prelude, dictated to his son-in-law in blindness and included with the posthumous printing of “Art of Fuge” in compensation for the unfinished fugue. Bach about to face his maker. I was sitting in rapture for a few moments–then Roon started playing what it thought was similar (not!) After futilely drilling through the menus to figure out how to turn radio back off I had to resort to help.

Radio can be fun and useful, especially while puttering around to background music or entertaining. I especially like that it respects classical “works” instead of just playing “songs” (movements) at random. But the reason I have a good hi fi system is for sitting down and listening to some specific thing. I realize millenials don’t do this, apparently.

BTW one time when I put on a Brandenburg Concerto and selected “start radio” it put on the entire Mass in B Minor, followed by Handel’s complete Messiah, which I thought was a bit of a cop-out. But keep on playing music it did, which was what I wanted at that particular time. It didn’t just go for the longest individual works, though, which I think would be the four parts of the Ring cycle.

What it had actually come up with for me after “Art of Fugue” was a jaunty set of variations from “The Magic Flute” from an album called “Beethoven and his Teachers”, which happens to be the very first album I ripped for Roon and must have something to do with why radio keeps grabbing it. If it had come up with the “Grosse Fuge” for piano 4 hands, a work on that album that postdates all the others by about 30 years, I may have been less annoyed.

It does not appear to mix genres. I have not yet tried “start radio” after a jazz listening session. I think it’s a blessing, other opinions may vary–and the more tunable it is to individual preferences the better.