Global shortages - look after your Pi!

I was chatting with a colleague today and recommended a Raspberry Pi as a cheap music streamer. He asked me where to purchase one from. It turns out that there’s a global shortage, and it’s potentially long term.

So please look after, cherish and nurture your Pi. If it breaks, you might be looking for another (more costly) solution. I happen to have a back up RPi4 - time to put it in a lead-lined safe!

I always have 2-3 of them lying around for me to experiment with. I feel kind of bad now…

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Been getting hard to buy at reasonable cost for a while now

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That’s a bummer… Just saw on Amazon offers for a Pi4B 4GB going from USD 163 to USD 220…

Edit: Some sellers take preorders for limited supply, promising shipping at the end of February to mid-March…

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Just to bring it to your attention.
The RPi2 makes a very capable streamer and there are loads of them lying around and they are cheap to.
I use eg. one as streamer to my hegel H390 without a hickup.
YMMV :slight_smile:


I got a few lying around … :wink:

But it’s a serious problem: lot’s of smaller vendors that use the Pi (or Compute Module) as their streamer bord have serious supply issues. But the same goes for FPGA’s (especially those from Altera).

The sad part is that especially those small vendors feel the pain: they don’t have the cash for stashing parts upfront and they don’t have the money to survive a few months where they can’t deliver (partly).


If anyone needs one I have an un-needed Pi2B in the UK.

Free to a good home (collect from east london, or cover postage).

Pls send DM…


Good on ya Greg!

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