Global shortcuts on windows and mac

I would like to see global shortcuts for windows and mac.

I’m using an infrared remote control with a flirc receiver which works perfectly to control pause/resume play/stop and skip tracks. I find this very convenient when Roon radio is playing to skip tracks I don’t like without first having to fire up my tablet or phone. It is also way more convenient to pause playing when I get a phone call or something like that. No there is only one inconvenience, the Roon app has to be on front in order to be able to use the flirc remote. Well, be sure Roon is on front then I hear you see, but that’s not allways that easy especially when Roon is running on a PC that is used by others as well or at times that another windows program draws attention to itself.

Now this could all be cured by Global Shortcuts. Just the same keybaord shortcuts but then global, as simple as that.

Before someone comes telling me that it is easy enough to do this on a phone or tablet. No, that takes too much time. Especially on my Ipad, it takes forever (at least 10 - 20 sec) for Roon to connect when the Ipad comes out of sleep. On my Android phone, Roon can’t even connect 50% of the time at least ten to twenty times longer than simply pressing a remote button that works instantly all the time.

I tried a Raspi with Ropiee but it seems that Ropiee only works with the flirc receiver if it also got a touchscreen attached.

If someone has another solution I would really like to know

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