God I love Roon

Because we’re all so focussed on what could be better, which can be viewed as negative, I just wanted to say how amazing it is to have something that just works. One of the missing links with most solutions is hardware support, an area where Roon just shines. Further, there is no regret that hardware is reducing the quality of my music, in fact Roon is not only optimising it, it is improving it through DSP. As a long time lover of music, this is the only real solution out there now, in a space that has all but lost it’s art, typically focussing on quick wins for convenience and money in a throw away society.

I feel sorry for the generation that has no idea what music “feels” like, particularly teenagers who’s hormones have arguably been the primary source of creating long time music lovers (and revenue) whom have been left with little choice but to shift to what remains, (rhythyms and social reputation). I know because I was a teenager too. As I listen to Roon tonight, while I work and get distracted by these thoughts, I remember when good music was made and distibuted without compression.

Many years ago, when I was playing in bands, setting up audio for live acts and having done Audio Engineering, I had no idea where the first MP3’s / minidiscs were going to take us. (I remember it took about 1 day to encode 4 MP3’s from CD).

I am though encouraged by the number of teenagers (including my daughter) whom today want to listen to Vinyl.

The point is that today there are only two ways to ‘experience’ good music left.

1 - Live in concert
2 - Roon.

Roon, you should be proud of yourselves for carving out a market in a market that isn’t listening - pun intended.

Well done and keep up the good work!


Great post, plus one for live music. I am involved in hosting live music and with a great sound system, you cannot beat it.
As for vinyl I’m afraid so much is not truly Analog anymore. Which is a shame. The preview section at cutting in all but two prestigious studios is done digitally which taints the whole process.
The TONE AUDIO review of the Rolling Stones latest blue and lonesome vinyl album says a lot.

Just as I understand things.


This is what I feel about latest Roon version. Working and listening right now, distracted as well by a great tunes form my Library. I love radio feature, it’s outstanding. Really.

Totally agree: apart of the all “hopes and wishes”, new requested features threads: we should remember that there is no other software build with audiophiles in mind. And saying nice things to developers (beside paying annual or lifetime fee) it’s important for them. Hopefully :slight_smile: