Gofundme for RoonLabs?

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That word “Hate”, such a strong word, maybe dislike intensely

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Of course!

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Good point, but again using the Linux model, there are maintainers for each project, and they keep things in order. I also agree with your comment of ‘the benevolent fascism of the Roon team’, something I noticed right away. I see the good and the stable, but again, it’s very sloooow development.

Again, I’m not sure how this subscription-based model will play out over the long haul. I hope it does, as I’m in it for life.


I’m a lifer as well, so I do hope there’s continued improvements. While there’s stuff I would’ve wished was prioritised over others (say, remote access over MQA…), I’m also quite admiring of what I’ve seen of Roon’s team handling of things this far, starting with the generally constructive tone of this very forum. Right now, I feel like things are getting done, maybe at a slower pace than I’d (and no doubt, Roon themselves) wish for, but on the upside, I’ve never felt wary of hitting the update button, and that’s worth a bit of wait. The last hiccup was a bug during a major OSX update, and IIRC that was fixed within a couple of days, with support providing workarounds to early adopters within hours…

When I see that, and compare it to a certain otherwise fantastic, and oft-recommended in these parts, hardware device that is still running an April 2014 kernel, despite launching in 2017 and the manufacturer going full-steam ahead on other stuff, because, apparently, the OEM the SoC is sourced from can’t be arsed to write updated drivers, I can only tip my hat to the Roon guys…

(as an aside, and if you didn’t pick up on it, here’s an update on Sonos and Google Assistant… looks like it’s trickier than it seems)