GoGo Penguin Between Two Waves EP Missing

Roon Core Machine

I am using a Mabook Book Pro with 8 gigs of RAM and use Qobuz. GoGo Penguin’s new EP Between Two Waves is not showing up in the list of albums for the band even though it is released. I can of course search and listen to it, but it is not in the artist’s discography.

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Shows for me

Not in Amerika, yet.

Sorry it is working fine. I missed the Show More link at the bottom. My eyesight is going with age (sigh…)…

It is out in the US…



the penguin was hidden between two waves :smile:


Was lucky enough to se them live in Vancouver a few week’s ago. Great performance!

i saw them twice in Luxemburg and germany.
With the old drummer Rob Turner, he was very good.

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