Going fully digital - views and experiences?

So buying into Roon is the first time I’ve never seriously considered moving fully to non-physical media music. Indeed for CDs I was convinced pretty much straight away. I know there are other posts about what to do with CDs but for me now I am happy to move on - having them ripped and available via Roon just works so much better for me.

But what about non-digital?

I have about 1,500 albums on vinyl and actually I’ve cleared out several hundred over the last year or so - so this is very much the music that I love and want to keep.

But putting aside issues around the joys of benefits of records I was kind of amazed to find that over 35% of my collection isn’t on the main streaming sites (I checked Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music, Spotify) and even with cases where I have digital copies of the albums I still have about 300 albums seemingly not available digitally (although a fair chunk I could buy digital copies of).

I was kind of amazed as I don’t think I have particularly obscure music tastes and is generally contemporary stuff.

So I was just wondering about other people’s experiences in this regard and how you have approached it?

Get Vinyl Studio software and start recording them to digital.

So have you gone 100% digital?

The streaming services only cover so much.

However pretty much everything is available in digital if you know where to look. Unfortunately, to paraphrase a Harry Potter movie, I cannot mention where to look. :wink:

Yes, a long time ago. I stopped buying LPs when CDs came out, and have since ripped all my CDs to flac. Now I mostly purchase digital downloads. I’ve been dabbling with Tidal and now Qobuz.

I still had a few hundred LPs that I hadn’t played in 25 years or so. A few months ago I started a project to record the LPs that I hadn’t already replaced with digital. So far I’ve recorded about 180 of them, and in the process discovered some forgotten gems. Some are 40-50 years old. Most are available in Tidal/Qobuz in one form or another, but this is more fun.

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I setup Qobuz a couple of days ago and am addicted. So far the only parts of my library missing from Qobuz are some South American albums. The rest is there. More importantly all of that music that I never purchased is there. I imagine in a couple of years even the missing parts of my library will be offered in Qobuz like library.

I’ve not explored how this works in a portable/non-Internet situation but that is becoming less of an issue.

My CD’s are relics and my NAS is looking like one.