Good at some things, surprisingly bad at others

Not sure if this is the right spot for this feedback. Just wanted to share my observations. Last day of my trial and I’m honestly struggling to decide if this is worth it.

First off, Roon does somethings really well. Artist, Genre, management of the library, etc., spot on. It’s superb. But beyond that it leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m sitting hear listening to a playlist. As I’m looking through the Queue I on my iPhone using the Roon remote I decide I want to hop to another track. I click on the track and all of a sudden I’m in the album for that track and scratching my head as to why. My queue is now gone.

How can this be this hard. On the desktop server I can simply click on play from here. On the phone there is nothing. Without a similar experience it’s of no use to me. Am I supposed to get up and use the computer every time?

See …

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Hmmm. Thanks. So I’m new to Roon. This really makes it kind of a bust unless you’re sitting at your Roon server. Do they fix stuff like this?

Just a little patience here and yes Roon are constantly working on bug fixes and improvements.

There are regular build updates and they are announced on this forum but if you don’t see that, an update pop up will appear when you open Roon.

Some interface restriction can play out with a device that has minimal real estate to show more options too.

An iPad might afford more options in this respect.

There, fixed it for you. The Roon Control client on a tablet (iPad, Android or Windows) has a fuller set of functions than that offered on Smartphones.

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