Google Assistant or Google Actions support

Any chance to offer Roon as part of Google actions?

Basic commands such as volume control and continuing last played playlist or music genre or similar would suffice for the beginning :grin:

May as well add Siri and Alexa into the mix too. I wish my apple watch could pause a track playing too especially when a call comes in on my mobile

Alexa requests have already been placed. But assistant is missing. As far as Siri goes: the “performance” never convinced me.

Nevertheless, Roon Dev team already confirmed that they will first tackle Alexa as it is the most abundant voice assistant out there.

I just mentioned Google actions because apparently it is an easy entrance to google assistance as opposed to fully fledged Google assistant “skill”

I don’t use Alexa or google whatever assistant it is…just Siri here. But haven’t seen any reference to roon being used with any of the 3 options that I can think of.

+1 for Google.

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indeed. seeing how crazy google is subsidizing their google home mini (in Germany at least), I guess google has some aggressive plans to quickly become the number one voice assistant. by now, you can by a google home mini for 19€, but triggered by black friday deals…

being an alexa user at my home, i decided to ditch all alexa devices, because I realized google assistant might not have as many skills as alexa but it has the the most important ones and actually more relevant skills.

so i put my alexa devices on ebay and ordered a whole bunch auf google home devices…

@k1282 - ?

The offer is for ‘€20 off’ - from the normal price of €59 : €39 each at the Google Store Germany

Where have you seen them for €19 ?

  1. and offer the home mini for 33€
  2. if you sign up for a newsletter at, you willr eceive a 5€ voucher, making it 28€. order 2 of them an you will reach free delivery threshold, making it an even better deal
  3. offers 15€ voucher if you order as a new client, making it 18.99€ for a home mini. as i never ordered at it applied to me. alternatively, just sign up as a new user and and add your friend’s home address, so that thinks you are a new user :slight_smile:, only - of course - if your friend is OK with it. or even easier: create a new account for your wife :slight_smile: