Google Chromecast Displays blank screen with white outline of rectangle

Nucleus +. My installation has 5 Google Chromecast dongles for displays. They are all displaying a rectangle with a white outline on a grayish black background. I have restarted the Roon server but it did not resolve the issue.

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It seems Roon is, as of today, suddenly not working with Chromecast devices. Not sure what’s happening.

Hi @Brandon,

Are you able to use non-Chromecast displays okay?

Hi Dylan, I don’t have any non-Google-based displays to test. I have Nest Hubs and FWIW - my NVIDIA SHIELD presents the same behavior as other Chromecast displays in my house (i.e. rectabgle). Other Chromoecast audio devices just play the “plunk” sound but then report “audio device refused to change input”.

Hi Dylan,
I also do not have any non-Chromecast displays in my system. Additional note: when I click the Display Now button, it does not change to Stop Display, but the white rectangle appears on the screen. After a few minutes, the Chromecast splash screen reappers.

Hi @Brandon and @Terry_Deeb — There was an issue that has since been resolved by our team. You can read more here:

Apologies for the trouble!

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