Google Cloud Service Outage

I know that smart people everywhere know what it means to have a Google Cloud service outage, but for the more plebeian among us, maybe a hint about what implications there might be, would be helpful.

Smart people don’t anymore buy computers and run their software on them for “cloud services”. Instead, they lease real or virtual computers from places like “Google Cloud” and run their software on those leased computers. If that service goes down, the services they provide on those leased computers also fail to work. I’m not sure if that means the Forum, or perhaps the whole Valence thingy as well.

Parts of the roon services are run on Google computers. Symptoms so far seem to be access to tidal, some radio issues hard to tell as systems are interlinked to produce the whole.

Thanks, Bill and Ged. Really I though maybe we could short circuit some support calls if we listed what was maybe broke. For me, every time i started Roon on my laptop and iPad Roon told me I had updates waiting. When I clicked on more info there was none. Just saying.

Thats a completely different issue and looks to be a bug in the update system. It seemed to get introduced on the previous major update. A reinstall of the server software or just clearing the Room cache folder generally sorts it.

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