Google discontinues Chromecast Audio

(R. Neal) #1

On sale for $15 while they last.

Google pulls plug on Chromecast Audio
(justjames) #2

so i would assume they won’t fix the drop out issue…dang…im glad i got one for 15 at least

(Andrew J Shepherd) #3

And thus ends the great Roon/Chromecast Audio experiment…


(Reader of the Internets) #4

Though Roon/Chromecast-inside is still going strong.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #5

What do you mean by “Ends”?

(Derek Wyman) #6

Maybe they’ll just add hi res to the next Chromecast. With HDMI ports becoming the norm on preamps/receivers it will be a reasonable alternaltive. When the CCA first hit I don’t think any of my listening equipment had HDMI so it was a nice fit.

Regardless. I have 10 of them. So I’ll survive until a reasonable replacement arrives lol.

(Andrew J Shepherd) #7

The dropouts issue created a dead end that almost certainly will not get corrected now.


(Andrew J Shepherd) #8

What the heck is “Chromecast-inside”?


(simon arnold) #9

A Chromecast enabled speaker or endpoint I would imagine.

(Dick Vliek) #10

Example: the Nvidia TV Shield devices are advertised with ‘chromecast inside’

(Rene Bouwmeester) #11

The current nom de plume is ‘Chromecast built-in’, I believe.

(simon arnold) #12

Maybe buy one now whilst you still can.

(Andrew J Shepherd) #13

Do we have competing news channels in this forum? Are you “Fox News” and have to broadcast your own report even though “CNN” broke the same news an hour ago?


(simon arnold) #14

I searched before posting but nothing came up.

(Harry ten Berge) #15

(simon arnold) #16

Sold out in the UK


Sounds like Google want to push products with Assistant built in so they can spy on more people.
CCA is a good product and great value - no wonder it is being discontinued. Can’t have that.

(Martin Webster) #18

Still available in a certain high street store with reserve online available. Unfortunately, still £30.

(Harry ten Berge) #19

I think it’s way more simple: they don’t sell enough.


Wow, glad I snagged six of them last month. They pair great with a little pair of powered speakers for an affordable Roon endpoint.