Google discontinues Chromecast Audio

On sale for $15 while they last.

so i would assume they won’t fix the drop out issue…dang…im glad i got one for 15 at least

And thus ends the great Roon/Chromecast Audio experiment…


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Though Roon/Chromecast-inside is still going strong.

What do you mean by “Ends”?

Maybe they’ll just add hi res to the next Chromecast. With HDMI ports becoming the norm on preamps/receivers it will be a reasonable alternaltive. When the CCA first hit I don’t think any of my listening equipment had HDMI so it was a nice fit.

Regardless. I have 10 of them. So I’ll survive until a reasonable replacement arrives lol.

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The dropouts issue created a dead end that almost certainly will not get corrected now.


What the heck is “Chromecast-inside”?


A Chromecast enabled speaker or endpoint I would imagine.

Example: the Nvidia TV Shield devices are advertised with ‘chromecast inside’

The current nom de plume is ‘Chromecast built-in’, I believe.

Maybe buy one now whilst you still can.

Do we have competing news channels in this forum? Are you “Fox News” and have to broadcast your own report even though “CNN” broke the same news an hour ago?


I searched before posting but nothing came up.

Sold out in the UK

Sounds like Google want to push products with Assistant built in so they can spy on more people.
CCA is a good product and great value - no wonder it is being discontinued. Can’t have that.


Still available in a certain high street store with reserve online available. Unfortunately, still £30.

I think it’s way more simple: they don’t sell enough.

Wow, glad I snagged six of them last month. They pair great with a little pair of powered speakers for an affordable Roon endpoint.