Google Nest Hub Max not being discovered

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini 2018 - Intel i7
Mac OS Ventura

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquity UDM and Access Points

Connected Audio Devices

Several Chromecast Audios, connected to various speakers. Airtunes running on Denon AVRs and Onkyo AVR

Number of Tracks in Library

300k tracks

Description of Issue

I have a Google Nest Hub Max - it’s not being detected at all in Roon - not the audio functionality, or the display element. I can cast to it from other apps without any problems, but it’s not showing up in Roon at all. All the other Chromecast devices - 5 ChromeCast Audios, a Google Chromecast with GoogleTV, etc etc - are working fine, and I can cast to those from Roon.
Primary reason I want to be able to use the Nest Hub, is for the display functionality.

A reboot of all devices, and the Google Nest Hub Max was visible again.

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