Google Sheet MQA list - Is is posslible to import into Roon or Tidal?

Hello all

Found a total list from 3/10-2017…yep from yesterday…its in Google Sheet!

Theres thousends…is it possiple to import them in ROON or Tidal app itself to make a playlist?


Morten V…

If you favourite the albums you want in the Tidal app they will appear in your Roon library.

You can also import playlists from Tidal but these won’t capture all of the album tracks in MQA. Hopefully going forward it will be easier to search for MQA. At present you can open the Tidal app, look at the “Albums Masters” section on the front page and favourite the ones you like.

There is no way to import that list into Roon. I doubt there is a way to get that list into Tidal, but, I don’t know for sure.

I have used before to transfer playlists from Spotify to Tidal, and I think it works from text files, so worth investigating at least.

There are other tools that do the same thing, so I would start from there