Got 2x NUC gen 5 (one ROCK + 1 client)

The ROCK is a NUC5i7RYH, and it will have to use a 2,5" SSD from what I’ve read, is that correct?
I’m thinking Samsung 870 250GB Evo will be good?

The client NUC5i5RYK will use the m.2 slot. Can it be PCIe Gen3 or Gen4?

According to this, that NUC has both an M.2 and a PCIe slot.

This lists the M.2 specs for that device under ‘Expansion Options’. The only thing one needs to care about is the M.2 form factor.

BTW - 250GB is more than enough to put the ROCK OS on; even a 128GB will do…

Yes it supports both M.2 and 2,5", however someone said Roon ROCK doesn’t work with NVME drives in NUC Gen 5. Or maybe it was a specific version of NUC5, I’ll have to read up on that.

Never heard of that before, but that doesn’t mean anything, I guess.

If one can update the BIOS, then it should be no problem.

Check back when you find the post you remember.

Why do you think this will work? It’s still a GEN5.

That has nothing to do with ROCK. NUC5 hardware does not support NVME drives. It requires original standard M.2 drives.


Yes. That means the other unit won’t take the newer M.2s, either.

Well, there are nvme drives in Intel’s Product Compability tool:

So I found the reason for the confusion regarding NUC gen 5 and NVMe compability.
The disks will work but are not supported to the full bandwidth of M.2 NVMe.
So an M.2 NVMe drive will fall back to M.2 PCIe bandwidth of 1600 MB/s.
M.2 SATA is 540 MB/s so NVMe will still be much faster.

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