Got a new DAC and Roon doesn't "see" my system anymore [Resolved]

Roon was doing just fine with my music coming from via Ethernet from a Sonic Transporter i5 into ultraRendu and then into an IsoRegen on its way to the DAC. My previous DAC was a Chord DAVE. Today I switched over to a different DAC (Lampizator Big Seven), and now Roon doesn’t “see” my system at all. I’ve tried rebooting Roon, rebooting the ultraRendu, unplugging and replugging, etc., etc., as well as removing the IsoRegen from the system and connecting the ultraRendu right into the DAC, but nothing causes Roon to “see” the system. Roon lives on my Imac with the very latest version of Mac OS. Help! (Please.)

I should clarify that I’m able to play music just fine through my iMac, using what Roon calls the “System Output” zone. The problem is that I have no ability to activate the zone for my audio system, which used to be called “ultraRendu,” as Roon doesn’t see my audio system at all, even though it’s networked together and was previously detected easily before the DAC upgrade. Many thanks!

First thing to check would be whether the UltraRendu can see the DAC. What does DAC Diagnostics on the UR say (Apps > DAC Diagnostics on the UR admin page)?

If the UR cannot see a DAC, it won’t show up in Roon.

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