Got new MacBook Pro, migrated settings from old one, Roon thinks it's still connected to the old one as a remote

I have deleted Roon and my Roon db folder on my new MacBook Pro, then reinstalled Roon. I can successfully connect to my Core. But Roon on my new MBP only “sees” the DAC attached to the old MBP (which I am still using as a remote but in another room). I can’t get Roon to recognize the new DAC on the new MBP and play music in this new setup! Roon still thinks it’s running on the old MBP. Any suggestions? New MBP is running Sierra 10.12.1. Old one still on El Capitan.

Solved my own problem but had to “de-migrate” from my old MBP. I erased the hard drive on the new MBP, restored a fresh copy of OSX Sierra, and set up the new MBP as a new computer and did NOT migrate anything from the old MBP. Then I downloaded Roon again and all is well. Roon knows the two MBP’s are separate remotes attached to separate DACs in separate rooms. So my advice to anybody else buying a new Mac: DON’T migrate your apps and settings. Probably you can migrate your docs but that’s it.