Grace (CC) not displaying track data, MQA Core not triggering


New user here, so very happy for all the updated changes that landed in terms of CCA support as that is my main ecosystem outside of my main listening room. Am very much enjoying learning more about roon and reading all the discussion here.

I have a Grace Digital Encore+ device in kitchen that has integrated Chromecast Audio. Two problems with it are

  1. It appears in the CC list so I can cast to it, but it has an integrated LCD that doesn’t show what is playing, only the fact that Roon has control. When casting tidal directly to the unit, the album art and track id is displayed on the screen, can this be done somehow with roon ? (I tried to fake it by having Roon think it was a CCA, a CC etc - no difference)
  2. I notice on this unit if I play an MQA track and route it to the kitchen, the internal MQA core on roon does not fire and instead it is passed ‘as is’ to the Radio (which can’t decode or render of course). This signal path is unique to this particular CC device, the others I have (including an integrated unit on my Sony SRS-X88) will have MQA Core fire on roon prior to transport. On the device setup for the radio I don’t see an “Enable MQA Core” toggle, but that actually seems missing on the other CCAs which will actually fire the MQA Core. Interestingly, when I group the radio with another device and cast to both, the Core fires pre-transport :slight_smile:

More questions to follow later, but thanks so much for all the hard work !

I notice also that although Google home, the Android app, can see Roon is controlling cca devices, that it also does not know what is being played. Again, unlike other forms of cast playback, is this something easily added? Thanks so much!

Any thoughts ? In summary

  1. Chromecast Audio device with a display doesn’t show what is playing when cast via roon (e.g Grace Digital Encore : ) - works as target from other cast sources, e.g. tidal app

  2. Same device as 1. shows that MQA Core is not firing on Roon server prior to transport

  3. Google Home app shows same issue as 1. i.e no information from roon stream on what is playing

Thanks so much ! My 2 weeks trial are almost up, almost 100% committed to continuing the subscription, moved my music collection off of HD to a thunderbolt attached SSD (contact me if you’d like more details, I wanted to keep my 2011 Imac but not rely on internal HDD)


Thanks for reaching out, @Gordon_Cameron!

Currently the only devices that we send the display information for is the Chromecast Gen 1, Gen 2, and Ultra. While we do not utilize the display on other devices currently, I’d like to recommend making a post in the Feature Requests section of community. This allows us to gauge interest for requested features. Our product team and developers keep a close eye on this category, so it’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

The only device that we are aware of that officially supports hi res is the Chromecast Audio device. You can read more about the differences in hardware in our Chromecast article in the Knowledge Base.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out!

Kind regards,

Thanks Dylan - very much appreciated - I will pop a post in the requests section. The Encore+ was a replacement for a SB Boom (which I’ve now also resurrected as another endpoint given the Roon support, yay)

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