Graphical glitches on Roon client (Windows 10)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Core on separate linux machine. Client system: WIN10, running Roon 1.8 build 756.

Description Of Issue

I’ve been having odd graphical glitches since Roon 1.8. Don’t think I got them right after the first update, but soon enough these strange flickers started appearing on pretty much most dynamic UI elements. Below are attached some screenshots:

glitched_search glitched_volume

Also, some elements work at times, like when hovering over them, but then break again when moving the cursor away.

glitched_queue working_queue

And no, it is not a RAM nor VRAM issue. Pretty sure 32GB and 10GB respectively are enough.

Same issue here with nvidia 3090


Do you have any graphics overlay programs like afterburner? Try disabling them.

That was it, thanks!

To be more specific, Afterburner and some other OC software use Rivatuner for their OSD overlay. So just delete / disable RTSS and you are good to go!

I created a rule to exclude Roon from Riva Tuner; it works but I would like to know if it will be fixed by Roon or if I will have to remember to make this rule every time I format and reinstall windows

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Nice, didn’t realize you can create exceptions.
Let’s hope Roon fixes this some day, but there must be some more pressing bugs on their radar at the moment.

Maybe, but, I suspect it will be a low priority. Those of us who use Gaming Rigs are very few I think. That being said, come and join the Roon Discord channel :D.

Alright, I’mma hop in, although I am not that active ;).

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