Great all in one system for Roon LS50 wireless

(Sean) #61

Cheers. What PSU are you using with your Rendu?

(JC) #62

Thanks gents…but i’m trying to visualise the attachment of the MR to the kefs …any pics please…as obviously it’s different from the desktop setup with lps powersupply etc.

(John Aiello) #63

Teddy Pardo power supply

(Gary Feng) #64

Today, I added a Kef Kube 10b subwoofer to my LS50W. Easy add on and not much tuning testing required. Just set it to LFE and vol set to default level. And, turn on subwoofer on Kef Control app. That’s it. And, the music is SWeeeet. Only regret is not have added one much earlier.

I strongly recommend all LS50W owners to add a subwoofer.

(JC) #65

II agree… a quality sub with monitors makes so much difference.
a good sub takes the hard work off of their hands, too, for the bottom end.
I got the white SVS SB 2000 to match the white kefs i have…
a few wall pads might be next…but we’ll see.
i’ve had the SVS ‘salmon smoker’ tall tubular sub before…they
make solid, great bang for buck products.