Great new portable online streaming service for our own music - 1tb storage - free plan

Get in quick whilst they’re giving a free 1TB online storage!!!

In its infancy but it’s really promising what I’ve seen so far.

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I know I’m paranoid. Free service always rings a bell. How do they make money? Ads? Selling addresses?

How do they fit into the picture, with other streaming services?

What is the advantage of it? Do I just have my library in the cloud? Well I already have that with Apple Music. So what is the advantage?

Somehow I still have to have my music stored somewhere at home.

I can listen HighRes. OK. On an iPhone with Beats headphones over bluetooth. Really?

Sorry to be so critical. Maybe I just do not see the point.

Cant help but think of the old adage…

“If the service is free, you are the product”

They charge 5usd a month for unlimited.

There’s a paid service for unlimited space 5usd per month. Apparently their parent company supplies cloud services.

It’s a service to allow you to store and listen to your own music files online.

How does apple music store your music? as lossy files or as uploaded, flacs, alacs possible? This does flacs which is nice. You can then listen and/or download on/to other devices, including PC. Don’t know about macs or apples myself I don’t use them so I can’t comment.

You can have your music stored at home also if you want. Whats the problem there?

I can’t quite get into the negative vibe over this fledgling service.

With a niche market such as this I don’t think there’s much money in selling a few 1000 addresses somehow. It smells of a personal pet project by someone fairly high in the parent company who feels there’s a lack in the market for a good cheap cloud playing sevice.

Fair play to them I say.

I would probably give it a try if I had any music files of my own.

If they are related to a cloud provider it is more feasible what they do.

The storage alone costs more. If they have their own storage servers, they probably use deduplication. Without that it is impossible to provide such a service with the amount they charge.

With apple I can store my music as alac or mp3/aac, load it to the cloud and redistribute it to all my other devices. The files I uploaded are downloaded in the same format. I do not want to say Apple is better. It is just a service they provide already for a long time.

Aha, like the Google Play Music system I used to use. All lossy stuff tho. This is a bit like that but allows for proper lossless uploads and downloads.

I was using Dropbox, unlimited , but it was 60eurs a month, which was just getting silly. This is brilliant for a fiver a month unlimited.

It’s going very slowly on the uploads however. Ive managed about 10 albums in about 6hrs. Hopefully it’ll pickup at certain times during the day. Ill just leave it uploading and see how i get on. For playback so far so good, no dropouts.

Could you keep us updated on the upload speed? It sounds like a great idea, and I’d love something like this, but such a slow upload speed wouldn’t work for me.

The website is a bit barebones, not even a FAQ section unless I’m mistaken.

-Does it literally stream and playback anything? How about DSD? Or are there limitations?
-do the mobile apps support bit-perfect output?
-missing a section about privacy

I tried to google them, but couldn’t come up with a whole lot. That doesn’t necessarily mean mean it’s a shady company, but I’m not overwhelmed with confidence and trust as well. For now.

It’s ok. Im quite enjoying the experience as basic as it is. The streaming is very solid. That’s the main thing for me. Im getting excellent rapport with them via their support@ email address. They respond personally and enthusiastically, and quickly.

I honestly think we’re in at the start and that’s all .

Im getting a collection together. It’s still quite slow, but I’m uploading on 2 pc’s, which has helped. It’s a fun aside :slight_smile:

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Here’s the latest email from them this morning…

No bit perfect.
Early days for this.

Ive uploaded flac upto 24/192 and it does stream, but I ran into stutters. Ive found 2496 is a safe limit.

For me it’s nice to have an online access to all my music for pennies a month, for the relatively few numbers of DSD and 192 files I have, Ill convert to less hefty files to upload to MediaLeap.

This sounds very much like VOX,