Great remarks by archimago on roon strategy

As indicated in headline, these are remarks by archimago on roon managements strategy regarding issues like permanent internet connections and pricing. Like me he is long time lifetimer and loves roon.


Kind of agree with him on all that.

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Right on. /10char

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Thanks for the post. The first few paragraphs are worth the read.

For some reason, Archimago doesn’t attract the same level of ire that Amir does.

Well written and to the point.

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Sure, we can blame the end-user’s network system in many cases, but when it seems like many users are experiencing issues with otherwise well-performing networks for other applications, perhaps Roon should look a little more into its fault tolerance

:arrow_up: This.


Oh btw, can wholeheartedly also recommend Pi-Hole: makes surfing the web tolerable once again with network-level ad blocking! I’m flabbergasted by the abusive amount of ads whenever I’m surfing outside my Pi-Hole-cleansed network :sweat_smile:

I suspect that the devs are between a rock and a hard place - RAAT is designed to support tight synchronised playback over multiple endpoints for multi-room listening. That means that buffers are kept small, and Roon is more reliant on network performance than most applications. I don’t think it’s a question of “fault tolerance”. But I’m only a user of Roon; perhaps @brian would like to say more…