Great work on 1.8

After seeing some very heated reaction to the 1.8 release, There’s no doubt a good portion of roon user base is on the older side of the spectrum, and a good portion of these users apparently have a hard time dealing with changes.

So I’d like to give a little extra encouragement to the dev team here.
you’re doing great. and pretty much all the design decisions in 1.8 do make sense and I’m confident even the most stubborn of your users will appreciate their benefits, just give them some time.

I must say the release does seems to have been rushed a bit :
On windows the setting page is messed up. (you can’t navigate the settings) and the track view has some quirks too.

I’m also sad that the “new releases for you” (quobuz). is nowhere to be found. and I can’t find any alternatives to it.

I do hope that once the early 1.8 issues settled down.
1.9 is waiting right around the corner with it’s mobile sync feature that you’ve been working on for the last 5 years. Because that’s what we’re all really waiting for :wink:


Wise words. Version 1.8 is such a big user interface change, we mice may have a tough time finding our cheese and other familiar stashes for a while. But to me, 1.8 is just lovely. I love how easy-on-the-eyes it is (except for the super-murky artist bios and album reviews in Now Playing).

It doesn’t matter how much even good work is done, what really matters is the result. And say it yourself, is it what was expected? After seeing some very heated reaction - NOT!

My feeling is that the sentiment of lots of people is that they waited over a year for a new release and what they get is a new design that you may or may not like combined with lots of bugs and not really significant new features - at least they seem to not get the value proposition of them…

Without the bugs we would probably not see such heated discussions.