Greater than 8ch immersive music playback

Immersive music in discrete channel format is growing. Those are 5.1.4 10ch or 7.1.4 12ch HiRes PCM or DXD. Suggest Roon to support those format.

I’d just suggest supporting Dolby Atmos/DTS-X for anything beyond 7.1. But due to the licensing, Dolby Atmos probably will be a paid add-on (if Roon ever supports it.

You now have an additional option - Auro 3D. It upscales stereo to fully immersive - 13.1, 14 or even 16 channels if you have the right equipment. For music, I have found it significantly better than Atmos and DTS-X, with a completely natural ambience and without any distracting artefacts.

I meant discrete 7.1.4 DXD or 88.2 music files from 2L for example. Especially discrete DXD it’s the holy grail of the recording format. Roon should support those format.

Like the files described here by @ComputerAudiophile No decoding.

I’m listening to this

in 5.1.4 in vox. It really is the pinnacle of something.Too bad that Roon cannot play more channels.

These are the holy grail of music reproduction. I have to use JRiver or Audirvana to play them.