Green-ish "track highlight": what is it?[Answered]

hi all

new and still exploring Roon :slight_smile:

today, whilst playing an album and exploring at random, one track “became green”
(see attachment, if I get there :stuck_out_tongue: )

(wow: this was easy :slight_smile: )

no idea how it happened nor what it means. help the n00b, please :blush:


Hi @pl_svn — The green highlighted track you are seeing is a reference, to how you’ve discovered the album you are currently seeing. Let me explain by using an example. If I click on the “playlist” button in Roon, a new page will pop up with various playlists, I choose one. Now, when that playlist opens I will have number of tracks listed and I have the option to select the “Artist” or “Album” of a song I like from that listing. If I hear a track that I REALLY like and want to see what else the album from which is came from has to offer, I will click on “Album” and Roon will bring me to the Album’s page. When you are viewing the album’s page the track you used to discover that album will be highlighted as a reference so you know where your “starting point” was. Hope this explanation helps and if you have anymore questions or issues, we are glad to help out. The same can also be done with “works”.

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In addition, it can also denote last track played. If you click on a track and start playing it and then stop, it will remain highlighted.

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thank you both @Eric and @Rugby :slight_smile:

thinking of it, though… this time the green comes from inadvertently stopping then resuming play :blush: