Grey bar on iPad app 1.8 [Solved]

Launching Roon on my iPad 12.9 (3rd gen) sometimes displays a grey horizontal bar highlighting the date and time on the left and WiFi and battery indicator on the right whilst in dark mode. Most of the time it is black but not always.


Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing, @Daren_Peacock? Thanks!

@dylan If I tap the back or forward arrow in the app, the bar turns black.

It appears to relate to the grey refresh of the whole screen that is being reported on start up.

The behaviour on my iPhone pro 11 is different where on startup only the bar (rather than the whole screen) momentarily ‘refreshes’ in grey but then displays black without intervention.

@dylan, I can confirm that do see this “grey bar” reported by @Daren_Peacock as well from time to time on my iPad Air 3. I have not yet managed to track any pattern as to when it happens. My guess would be it’s some sort of memory issue?

It is actually here just as I type:

Also evident on the screenshots for another issue: Roon 1.8: Problems with artist view and focus

Same issue here too, on a 10.5” iPad Pro and an iPhone 11, probably 80% of the time.


Thanks for the feedback here everyone, we’ve passed this along to the team!

Got the same issue on iPhone. Screenshots taken seconds after each other after opening the app in now playing view.

Also see this: Bug 1.8: „Flashlight“ on iPad when Roon is loading / reloading

Roon needs better iOS integration.

That proportion is in line with my experience for the my iPad Pro - less so for my iPhone.

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For me the same issue. ipad pro 10.5, ipad os 14.4, Roon 1.8 build 764

There is a pattern to it:

-The grey bar is there when starting the app into the home screen, albums or artists overview.
-It disappears if you open an individual artist or album view or the genres overview
-Once gone it doesn’t come back if you go back to other views it was visible before (home screen for instance)
-If the app comes back from sleep, the grey bar is back on the above mentioned views and can be made to disappear the same way as mentioned above.

hopefully this helps in tracking down the issue. Of course it’s only of cosmetic nature.

Thanks to the roon team for the good work!

The white flashes may be gone. The grey bar is still around. Had it on a few occasions today again at different times. Landscape or Portrait:

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I find it goes away when you select an artist.

It goes away eventually, but it should‘nt be there in the first place :wink:


With I pad air same issue

Yeah, still the same.

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Hi All,

Thanks for the reminder on this issue, we have a ticket regarding this, and we have reflected this now in the topic title. As per policy, we cannot comment on a timeline of when the issue will be resolved, but we are aware of this issue and tracking the behavior, thanks!

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Still intermittently there on build 806…

Going into an artist should resolve it until you next quit (or crash).



Hahaha omg, this is the way!

Brilliant - thank you! It’s not quite the fix I’d like, but it certainly works. It’s been an intermittent issue on iPhone and iPad for ages.


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