Grey screen instead of display [SOLVED]

I am trying to setup a new display and dac, using HiFiBerry Dac+ phono out. The setup seems to complete fine, but nothing is displayed from a zone. The clock does appear, so the display itself seems fine, though non-responsive.

Any ideas about what might be wrong?

I have tried reflashing a different card, re-downloading the latest image.

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Hi @Nathan_Wilkes,

So to be clear: the screen stays blank?

In that case can you try again? I had someone else with the same issue, so i’ve applied a fix.


Hello @spockfish,

Yes, the screen stays slightly backlit but shows nothing. Welcome to ropieee displays fine, and the clock eventually shows up. I have tried multiple zones, including one word and multi word.

How do I apply the fix? I have restarted many times, set the update to manual, and it looks like the dmesg says that ropieee is up to date as it whips by. Should I reflash again, re-downloading the image?

FYI, I have Linux experience, if you want me to log in. I have not poked around yet.

I have swapped power supplies, but the only time I have seen the power symbol is when testing a USB DAC (works fine).


As to the Hifiberry, I’ll try it in a different Pi and see if it is simply defective.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Nathan_Wilkes,

Maybe I wasn’t clear, but I meant installing from scratch. The fix is part of the installation process.
So if you take a fresh SD card and start installation from the beginning it should work.

Let me know how it goes!

Best regards Harry

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@spockfish, yes! The display now works with your updated install / config. Thank you!

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Same problem here… sucks to need to reinstall everything :((

I installed the HiFiBerry DAC+ Phono in another PI3 using Dietpi, and it works fine. Not sure what the original problem was, though I suspect a physical connection problem because of the design of the SmartPi Touch display case.

Because of my use case I thought that the phono version of a DAC would be best, but HiFiBerry’s placement of the jack on the bottom of the HAT board rather than on the top is unfortunate.