Grey squares instead of covers for local files

Roon Core Machine

SotM sMB-Q370 with i9-9900K, 32Go RAM, running Gentooplayer v7.0
Running latest Roon Server version.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connection

Connected Audio Devices

dCS Upsampler and Spec Diretta

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Hello, i experienced since few days a problem of grey squares for covers.
From my side, all the “grey squares” appears on local files where the covers files are named 'folder.jpg". it is not appearing on all covers. When i try to edit the meta and have a look to the covers, the “best covers” between local and roon appears to be the local one as the resolution is 1500x1500 (pr around). The problem is that there is a “folder.jpg” file with the cover and it is very well visible through a file manager.
If i have a roon cover available, and select it, the selection remains grey.

PS : i already clean the cache image

Thanks for your support

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Hi @Patatorz,

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this issue with local files.

After reviewing, the team found evidence of data corruption in your Roon database. Please take a look at the log trace below:

08/04 20:02:10 Error: [broker/database] corruption detected: IO error: /root/.RoonServer/Database/Core/0421f791776e4898b16c14d104a13c63/broker_2.db/961342.ldb: No such file or directory
08/04 20:02:10 Warn: [broker] detected corrupt database, notifying client
08/04 20:02:10 Warn: [broker] detected corrupt database, halting broker threads
08/04 20:02:10 Info: [loadstatus] IsDatabaseCorrupt False => True
08/04 20:02:10 Critical: Library.EndMutation: LevelDb.Exception: IO error: /root/.RoonServer/Database/Core/0421f791776e4898b16c14d104a13c63/broker_2.db/961342.ldb: No such file or directory
   at LevelDb.Database._CheckError(IntPtr err)
   at LevelDb.Database.Write(WriteBatch batch)
   at LevelDb.Transaction.Commit(Boolean trace)
   at Sooloos.Broker.Music.MusicDatabase.Flush()
   at Sooloos.Broker.Music.Library.EndMutation()

Did you receive notification within Roon that your software was experiencing corruption?

To put it simply, database corruption means that the records Roon is reading from your database are different from what was originally written.

This isn’t common and can happen for a number of reasons, like failing harddrives or an unstable power source (frequent outages, hard power cuts, etc).

In some cases, corrupt database records can go completely undetected. And it’s only when we release an update that requires Roon to re-scan every record that the corruption shows itself.

These updates don’t happen frequently, which increases the risk of data loss. For example, if you only have a few weeks of backups, the chances that you have a usable backup drop significantly if the “latent” corruption isn’t detected for many months.

Starting with Build 880, Roon detects database corruption “on the fly”. So if corruption is detected during a backup or during normal use of Roon, you’ll be immediately prompted to restore from a backup.

If you restore from a backup and still see “There was an issue loading your database”, try restoring from your oldest backup.

If you’re not having any luck with your oldest backup, then the only alternative is to start with a fresh database.

We know that many of us have a carefully-curated database: our settings, album covers, metadata, tags, playlists and favorites are exactly as we want them to be. Having to start fresh sounds like a nightmare and we do hope it won’t come to it. But, if it does, please know this is so it will never happen again.

@connor thanks a lot for your support and information.
Is there any way to identify when it happens in order I can restore oldest backup of the database ?

@connor i re-installed the library backup from march and seems everything is fine now after libray update. Thanks a lot for your support :ok_hand:

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Hi @Patatorz,

Roon has mechanisms for identifying corruption and should notify you within the app. These “Database Corruption detected” messages can be easy to overlook if they’ve appeared frequently for some time without obvious consequence, but like tooth decay, the corruption will be damaging your database in the background continuously until painful consequences suddenly emerge.

We’ve verified in logs that Roon will be displaying these messages going forward, but if your issue was resolved with a recent backup, you should be all set moving forward. Please reach out in a new topic thread if anything comes up!