Grid connected PV solar systems severely effecting my hifi

Recently my neighbour connected a solar PV system and feeds excess power back into the grid. Since then my hifi system sounds terrible.

There is a very large increase in sibilance on certain vocals and a certain frequency range, maybe 2000-5000hz, is terribly distorted, muffled and mush. Has anyone experienced anything similar.

By the way, I’m in rural Australia and prior to the PV system being installed at my neighbours my system was very satisfying.

Does the SQ return to normal after dark, when presumably the PV system is not operational?

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No it doesn’t but I recently read a study by Australian power quality & reliability centre from the university of Wollongong, Australia that suggests that the impacts on the grid from solar pv systems are 24/7 for reasons that are not fully understood and which require further research and analysis. My thought is that transformless inverters are always doing something regardless of day or night.