'Group All' under versions

Hi All,
I have multiple different versions of the same album in my library, I can go into each album, select versions and then select Group All to make one single view of the album in the library but with over 2000 albums is there a setting to do this by default for all albums?


Do you have Show Hidden Tracks and Albums set to No? Doing so should group recognized versions by default

I have two versions of almost all my albums, one from Tidal and one from Qobuz, no local albums. I have Roon show hidden albums because I like to choose the version I want to hear with one click. It’s great that Roon lets us use it how we prefer. I only link to the highest available resolution in both Tidal and Qobuz.

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but here you have an option to ‘Group’ you albums into one single view and then select preferred version. you can do this one by one but I want to do a bulk change. My example below.

thanks for the tip but already set to no and I still see this

Hmmm. For me, it works automatically for nearly all albums. Just in rare cases it doesn’t recognize an album as an additional version, e.g. occasionally if it has a different number of tracks and a changed title, like a suffix “(super expanded special reissue)”, but even then it works most of the time for me.

No idea why not for you. I see some are Tidal, some local, but the titles are the same. I see the first two Bee Gees Greatest have one disk and the second two have two disks, that may be one cause. But then I’d at least expect the first two and the second two to be grouped automatically. Any other differences between them?

here is the page when I select the Album…

They won’t automatically group as they have different track numbers and are seen by roon, correctly, as different versions.


The track numbers are probably the cause, and certainly they are different versions, but IMHO they are different versions of the same album, so I’d say arguably Roon should group them under one album (ideally)

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Those are not the same, they are different albums. Here’s mine with “Show hidden albums” set to off. There are still some that show up twice because they are not the same album. But, for me, I would rather see them all and not have to go another layer down to see what’s there and decide what I want to listen to.

That said, some look like they might actually be the same album with a slightly different album name. You could edit one or the other to make them the same.

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Yeah, that’s fine, others see it differently, that’s why grouping exists :slight_smile:

Not IMHO. The 4 Bee Gees are all the album “Greatest” by Bee Gees, with even the same title, in different versions and number of extra tracks. Anyway, Roon’s auto-grouping works for me nearly always, but I see why the OP would want it differently if he happens to have lots of those


Yes, I know that. Did you see where I said “But, for me”? But thanks for explaining to me why grouping exists.

Yes, but you said twice already that it’s not a problem for you because you like them all separately and don’t like grouped versions. That’s fine but not super helpful for the OP’s problem :slight_smile:

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Read the thread again. Just respond to the OP without telling me how to respond.

I did. You made two posts before starting to quarrel with me, and both contained:

I was the first to respond to the OP and tried to address the issue he actually has.

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Yes, I can say how I do it as I also give him some ideas if he wants to continue to hide albums.

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You can say how you do something that he does not want, and I can say that I didn’t find it overly helpful the second time.

so guys thanks for all your help and comments but the bottom line is I have to do it manually until we get an update…


I was just doing a bunch of these manual and tried to search if there an easier way and came across this post. Is there a update coming soon or is this just the way it has always been?