Group Devialet with iMac or other Zones


I am using my Devialet via Ethernet, which Roon detects flawlessly, in my living room.

When working, I am located in another room and listen to music via Roon on my iMac.

When having guests over, they have Kodi on a Raspberry Pi attached to the TV in their room. Kodi offers AirPlay which is why I can control it via Roon as well.

Next, I intend to set up old passive speakers with a raspi amp incl. roon bridge in the bed- and kids room.

Given this zoo of different technologies, and the comfort of roon being able to communicate with this zoo, I was wondering why I cannot group any zones. I saw in the KB that only devices within a group type can communicate with each other, but I do not see how my current setup disqualifies, at least i would have expected t to group iMac and Devialet together. Having Kodi with AirPlay it unfortunately disqualifies as it is a group type of its own :frowning:

Can someone clarify this please?

Zones only work with RAAT capable end points. Devialet will have to implement RAAT capabilities before you will be able group the Devialet into a zone. Airplay devices aren’t group-able either.

RAAT has the timing smarts built in to handle keeping the devices in sync and thus a requirement for zones. Devialet Air has it’s own buffer, similar for Airplay so the zoo of delivery methods makes it impossible to sync audio playback.

If you have a Devialet Expert Pro - then eligible to the free streaming board upgrade - the good news is that Devialet just announced they will implement RAAT which will allow grouping. Although you probably have to wait a couple of months.

Thanks for the info. I am actually also waiting for my upgrade slot. Hopefully they can upgrade till end of the year.

Great news that the board will be roon ready

They indicated that they will review their planned RAAT implementation again in a few months as they currently have other priorities, this shouldn’t be interpreted as RAAT will be out in a couple months.

Their latest statement (yesterday) is "Roon Advanced Audio Transport is already on our roadmap, we are looking into how we can speed it up. "
Nothing is never for granted, but it looks like a clear commitment to deliver it… someday !

I agree. it is a miracle that they even started to listen after spamming them with Roon requests. And given that we waited so long for a Roon/ Devialet partnership, I do not mind waiting a little more for true Roon Readiness.

Knowing that it is part of their roadmap already gives me peace of mind…