Group only specific albums

In the Versions tab i only see the option of “Group All” is there a way to select which ones I want to group?. I tried to select the ones I want but then there is no “Group” option and if I click “Group all” all of them end in the same group.
Specifically I have a Hybrid SA-CD album that contains both the MONO and STEREO versions in DSD and CD. So I have 4 rips dsf_mono, cd_mono, dsf_stereo and cd_stereo.
Is there a way I can group the dsf_mono+cd_mono and dsf_stereo+cd_stereo


Hi @Gustavo_Castro,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question, I’d be happy to help!

  • Go to your My Albums page

  • Long press the first album you’d like to group then click the others.

  • Click the Ellipsis on the Albums page

  • Then Edit

  • Under Album Options select Group Alternate Versions

  • Then select the album that Roon uses as the Primary Version

That will do it!

thanks a lot!. Worked as described.

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