Group RoPieee zones/devices, similar to Chromecast Audio or Airplay?

I’ve searched but not seeing anything…

Not sure if this is a “am I missing the how-to?” or a “feature request” but wondering if it’s possible within roon to combine multiple RoPieee devices into a group (to sync up streams in different rooms)…

Love this feature within Chromecast audio, but if this were possible, I’d probably phase out my CCA dongles in favor of RoPieee Pi devices, because the sound is better and the stream more reliable.

Anyway, is this possible?

Yes but only a group of the same type ie apple airplay with apple airplay…if you’re using ropieeeXL. But basic Ropieee is a RAAT endpoint and should be groupable with all RAAT endpoints in roon

Confused… I’m using ropieeeXL, so you mean I’d need to configure the Shairport output? (I’m already using HQPlayer NAA on one of the Pi’s, so I’m guessing I can’t do both, right?)

HQP is no longer a RAAT endpoint

I probably should have prefaced this with a request to explain it to me like i’m five years old! :crazy_face:

Anyway, I figured it out…

Within the ropieeeXL tab, I enabled both units to output Shairport, and they showed up as Airplay zones in Roon. I enabled them in Roon. Then I clicked on the Zone in the bottom bar, and found “Group Zones” at the top of the list.

Not sure if you’re aware of Roon’s knowledge base article on zone grouping.
Most of these sorts of questions get the clearest answers using the knowledge base.

yep, totally my bad…

  1. most of my “zone grouping” experience involved Chromecast Audio, which are grouped differently, using the Google Home app
  2. I knew that Airplay devices can be grouped, but I forgot that in RopieeeXL, Shairport = Airplay