Group/Ungroup clunky

Could you consider rebuilding your group/ungroup?
Compared to Sonos it is very clunky. I suggest just “stealing” their way of doing it.

Can you clarify? they operate fairly similarly. Sonos doesn’t have a primary end point (or at least they hide that from the user). Other than that, you are basically checking off the boxes of the ones you want included.

Roon adds the ability to save configuration details about the group including naming the group.

How does it feel clunky to you @Dick_Cooper?


With Sonos I have the app open - already better than Roon - no Roon app no noise. I click on the room I am listening to with a little “link” symbol. I then choose the room or rooms I want, click “Done” - job done. With Roon I have to group rooms then do the same again but ungroup, with having to pause the music in the original room and start it in the new room. If I can switch rooms more easily I would welcome instructions. I imagine that there is some software that I could use ro show you what I do in stead of my doubtless inadequate words.

I have 6 zones but most typically start with music playing in the Kitchen then switch it to the sitting room.

I may be misunderstanding what you are asking for here, but would this KB article about transferring zones help?

I had not seen the KB article. It solves the problem, even though I do not see the icons as described,the “right-click” method does the job.

Sorry to have wasted your time.

One area where I find Roon zone grouping to be comparatively clunky:

Say I start playing music in the ‘Bedroom’ and then I group this with ‘Kitchen’ (no problem there). If I then want to keep music playing in the ‘Kitchen’ only, I have to first ungroup (music stops in the kitchen), stop playback in the ‘Bedroom’ and then select ‘Kitchen’ and begin playback. I have not found a way to remove the ‘Bedroom’ in a seamless way.

Sonos does this a lot more seamlessly: I can just untick ‘Bedroom’ which stops music there while it continues in the ‘Kitchen’.

Transferring zones works really well as long as the transfer target is outside the existing grouped endpoints.

Maybe I have missed something and there is a better way of doing this?

Yiannis. You are describing the way I was doing it until I got the helpful reply from Brian. You may, like me, have missed the KB article.

No problem. Pleased to have been of some help. It’s a community.

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