Group Volume Levelling setting persistence

The latest AES volume levelling recommendations can be found here:

At a brief summary these are -16 dB LUFS, album normalisation. They are are easy to set in roon.

I’m finding this works really well, and so am using these setting across all my zones.

However there is one problem. There is some sound bleed between my zones, and so I use groups dynamically if I want to play the same thing in two rooms.

The problem is that when I group two zones I will get a new zone with the default volume levelling (ie none). If I set the group volume levelling to my preferred settings I then lose these settings when I ungroup.

I can think of a few ways to solve this and keep the volume levelling settings across groups:-

1 Make group settings persistent across group/ungroup operations (this has been requested here before: Remember grouped zone settings )
2. Allow a default volume levelling setting to be set for new zones, which would be picked up when a new group is created.
3. Treat volume levelling as a device attribute (like volume, or dsp eq) so individual players retain this attribute when they are grouped.

The AES recommendations seems to be getting some traction, so I suspect the use of volume levelling may increase in roon, so other new users may also want this!

I support this request
This is really missing !!!
It is too annoying to set volume leveling again once 2 devices are grouped ! Let the grouped devices remember the last volume leveling option set by the listener would be really good