Group Zones Doesn't Work with KEF LS50Ws - And LSX Not Picked Up By Roon

I have 3 KEF LS50Ws. My core is the Sonicorbitor. I also have Tidal. I have 2 problems. First, I just realized that I can no longer Group Zone any of my KEF LS50Ws. I used to be able to do that no problem. But “Group Zones” remains grayed out. (I also have Sonos speakers and they Group Zone with each other fine.) (I am NOT complaining about not being able to Group Zone KEFs with Sonos - I understand that’s not possible). Second, I just set up a new pair of KEF LSXs and Roon doesn’t see them at all!

Make sure you have the latest firmware for the Kef LSX, once I updated mine my Roon picked them up. I am bringing my LS50W home this week and will set them up in place of the LSX and X300A and see what I have there for you.