Grouped Albums show as UnGrouped when viewing individual Album Page

When viewing all albums or even albums from an individual artist, grouped albums display correctly; that is to say only one view of the group. When viewing from an individual album page and scrolling down to show other albums, all versions of albums show, regardless of their grouping.

This only has shown up in release 1.8.

Can you share some screenshots? I can’t replicate this behaviour.

Hi Martin,

Artist page:

and the artists albums:

notice the albums are shown grouped. Selecting one of the albums:

and on the album page the more albums from the artist are displayed ungrouped:

Can you please share a screenshot of the Version tab for Ten Year Night and Flesh and Bone.

This is the same behavior for all albums

Thanks. There appears to be an issue so I have request that this thread be moved to #support.

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