Grouped Bluesound players stop 3-4 seconds into song

Thanks Noris. As additional info, the problem occurred again today even though I have all the devices set to no MQA capabilities.

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Hello @Daniel_Rice ,

Thanks again for sending those logs over and for your patience while we checked with the team on this one. According to your Roon logs, it looks like Roon tires to play to the Bluesound zone, but you get getting what is called a “buffer overrun” error in your logs. We suggest reaching out to Bluesound support directly as they would be in the best position to assist further.

Ok, thanks Noris. I have sent this to Bluesound and will let you know what they say.

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Hi again Noris,

Went through this with Bluesound support and their engineering team was able to replicate the issue. Sounds like they will plan to fix it through a firmware update, but no ETA at this point.


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