Grouped HomePods aren't working [Ticket In]

@Pawel_Chmielewski perhaps but it was working prior to a recent update. By “working” I mean Roon would play to HomePods that were grouped in Apple Home but I don’t believe Roon was using grouped HomePods as stereo speakers. My guess would be Airplay 2 is needed to replicate stereo HomePods grouped in Home but I really do not know. Just seeing grouped HomePods and using them as a working audio zone in Roon was working without Airplay 2. Obviously, we want everything and the Moon but I would be happy if we could just get back to where we were.

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The stereo pair of HomePods is an exclusive feature of Airplay 2. In Roon, you have to group two mono speakers and send the proper channel (left or right) through DSP. That method worked with the previous Roon version and previous iOS. Because AirPlay in Roon is based on open-source implementation, I don’t think that this issue can be fixed without the proper implementation of AirPlay 2. And I don’t think there were any changes in Roon implementation of Airplay 1 with 1.8 version. (Sorry for my English, I’m not native speaker)

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@Pawel_Chmielewski I defer to your superior knowledge in this area. I’m flying blind and I am not familiar with the open source implementation of AirPlay.

Your English seems pretty ok to me. Thanks for clarifying this for me.

I’m now using Plex when I want to airplay to the Homepods stereo mini pair.

No problem in Plex for these small speakers.

I hope Roon find a solution !!

Hey everyone :wave:

As it was mentioned earlier on the thread, HomePod stereo support is only available via AirPlay2. AirPlay 2 is not supported in Roon.

This is a feature suggestion on this thread:

Please, make sure to vote the feature — our team is tracking this category on community :nerd_face:

Hi beka,

Before Roon / iOS update I was able to play the two Homepods (grouped as stereo pair in Homekit) as separated mono speakers (grouped in Roon + channel DSP). Now I can’t. Airplay 2 will be great but please try fixing Airplay 1 first.

Hey @Pawel_Chmielewski and all :wave:

Thanks a lot for mentioning that — it made us take a closer look and it turns out we’ve been able to reproduce the behavior in house. There is now a ticket in with our team — please, stay tuned.


thanks for support!

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