Grouped zone playback getting out of sync

I am having issues with grouped zone playback. Eventually playback gets out of sync (one zone plays +/- out of time with other zone). Stopping/Starting track fixes the issue. It is very annoying though.

Which zones you do you have and which protocol (RAAT, Squeeze, Airplay, Sonos, etc.) do they use?

Have you tried setting Clock Master Priority to ‘1 (Highest)’ for your ‘best’ zone? (Settings > Audio > Device Setup > Zone Grouping).

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Hi @chris_barney ---- Thank you for the feedback and sharing your observations with us.

I would highly recommend trying to use the “clock master priority” feature as Rene has already proposed (@RBM :clap:) and furthermore I had another user report a similar issue to me not very long ago and advised the following:

I would recommend setting the master clock to your main listening zone where your most powerful gear is located.

For example, in my home I have 7 zones scattered about my house. My main zone is in my living room which contains the most high end of all of my equipment, so when ever I set my master clock it is to this zone.

Let me know how it goes!

Clock Master Priority seems not to be available for Airplay devices.
Grouping 2 airplay devices didn’t make problem, besides I activate volume leveling. When there is a kind of constant time offset between the two devices. One of them plays everything maybe 100ms before the other device.


I also have the same issue, when grouping Airplay speakers music is out of sync, there is no option to adjust the the sync or delay of Airplay speakers…

I’ve tried using another app on my iPhone (AudioCast) with the same speakers using Airplay and don’t have sync issues when grouping the same speakers with this other app.

Can you please fix the Roon Airplay sync issue?