Grouped zones & convolution


I’m using a convolution filter for my zones produced bin REW. These work excelent.

But when I group the zones. The filters are bypassed according to each signal path.

This al off course in the excelent v1.6 of the software.

Is this by design or am I missing something?


Hello @jelle_kasteel,

Can you report what type of playback zones you are using in the group? When playing to Roon Ready devices, you should be able to play to a grouped zone while using convolution filters on a per zone basis.


Sorry, yes that I forgot.

They are all airport zones. And as I said convolution works individually.

@john This is the signal path. Both grouped and allone

Hello @jelle_kasteel,

Because of the differences in group synchronization protocols between Roon Ready and Airplay, the behavior you are seeing is working as designed. Technical limitations prevent convolution from working with Airplay grouped zone playback. I have submitted a feature request ticket with the development team and asked if there have been developments in the area that would enable this functionality to work with Airplay.


OK. Thanks for the reply.